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There are six dams and a weir available for guests to fish. Four of these dams and the weir are located within walking distance of the lodge and two large dams on the north western side are accessible via the dirt road leading down from the main entrance gate, which will require a four-by-four with low range capability. Please check with Sherol or Geoff before fishing these two dams and ascertain whether they are stocking and what the access to them is like.

  • Only fly-fishing tackle is permitted, with a fly hook not larger than size 8. Double and treble hooks, fly spoons and bait are not permitted, though two flies may be fished on the same leader.

  • The maximum number of rods to be fished on the estate at any one time is four.

  • Recognizing that recreational fishing is sustained and improved by releasing fish (and that a killed trout costs several times that which a processed trout would cost from a supermarket or deli!), you are encouraged to fish with barbless flies and release your catch. If required, two fish for the group at the lodge may be kept per day. This is not two fish per rod. Help us maintain a high standard of fishing.


Limit your kill, don’t kill your limit.

  • All catches should be recorded in the Fishing Logbook (24) behind the bar, or here. Details of the number, size and where caught, as well as details of the fish kept and released are all important, as is detail regarding zero returns which help us understand how challenging conditions are.

  • Float-tubes and non-motorized kick-boats are permitted. Boats and canoes are not allowed.

  • The host of the booking party is responsible for observing that all members of their party adhere to the fishing and estate rules and is accountable for this.

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